Life, Well Lived

Stone with Faith written on it

An Act of Faith

When the word “faith” comes up, people usually first think of it from a religious perspective such as having “faith in God”.  This purpose of this post, however, is to discuss the concept of faith in terms of taking risks to reach for what we desire in life such as going back to school, growing…
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Gratitude list

An Attitude of Gratitude

Not satisfied with your life? Want to feel better? Here’s a powerful tool you can use right now! It’s easy to focus on what we are not happy with and then expect things to magically change for the better.  However, life doesn’t work out that way.  The more you focus on what you are unhappy…
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Needing to Believe

One of the most common statements I hear from people who write and speak about  the Law of Attraction is that you need to believe what you desire already exists in reality and is on it’s way to you in order to successfully manifest what you desire. Yet, it is actually true? I raise this…
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Inspired man

The Future is Now

Someday. Tomorrow.  Soon. How often do we think about making a change in our life only to stop ourselves from actually going forward by taking action to bring about the change? Why is it that an intense desire for something better in our lives is met with inaction? There are lots of books available on…
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Take the First Step and then the next and then the next…

I have worked with many people throughout my career that sincerely desire a better life, but then become paralyzed with fear and self-doubt when confronted with the need to take an action toward achieving a goal.  I’ve worked with people who desperately wanted to stop smoking, but couldn’t even envision creating a plan to quit. …
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