Going Beyond the Wall

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Going Beyond the Wall

I specialize in working with people in recovery from substance abuse, mental health problems, and trauma. To work with such courageous people is an honor. Given I have my own background of substance abuse and trauma that I continue to be in recovery from, I can certainly relate to their struggles.

One of the biggest challenges is hitting a wall in recovery in terms of moving toward desired goals. For me, going to college was my wall as I never believed it was possible to do, yet after 2 1/2 years of sobriety, my life started to change and I found myself being a full-time college student at the University of Maryland. That was many years ago, but I still remember how hard it was to let go of the belief that I wasn’t good enough.

I’ve worked with many people who have a good track record of sobriety, but feel stuck. It’s like an invisible wall won’t let them realize goals such as making a career change, going back to school, losing weight, stopping smoking, working on relationship issues, etc. Something stops them dead in their tracks as soon as they seriously consider making a change in their lives.

Why is this?

I believe for many people, it’s one thing to dream about making lifestyle changes and quite another to let go of the security of the status quo and actually take steps toward their goals. The belief we aren’t good enough can be as strong as a brick wall in terms of stopping us from moving forward.

As a Recovery Coach, my role is to help people realize their dreams by understanding that this “wall” might feel real, but is in reality an old belief that they have to let go of. While understanding this truth makes it sound easy, I believe we need the help of other people in going beyond our self-imposed limitations and realize our dreams.

Getting sober. Being in recovery from a mental health problem. Working through trauma issues. All of these require great courage and perseverance. At the same time, you deserve more. Go back to school. Make a career change. Work on relationship issues. Start a business. Don’t let the wall stop you.

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