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How I Can Help

Problems Solved, Goals Achieved


Getting sober is the beginning.
Going beyond to achieve what’s in your heart is your higher purpose.
The goals that you seek are waiting for you to work toward achieveing them.

I specialize in working with people in recovery from substance abuse and trauma who want more in their lives.  I understand from my own experiences in getting sober and recovering from a trauma background what the challenges are, but also what the rewards are when you dream of a life filled with abundance, hope, and meaning.

Today, I’ve been sober over 36 years and live a life that I couldn’t have dreamed of having. You can too! 

– Want to start a business or go back to school?
– Want to get in shape and lose weight?
– Want to improve your relationships?
– Want to stop smoking or learn to play the guitar?
– Want to find your higher purpose?

I can help. Let’s talk.


The Key is to Start Where You Are

My 4-step process can help you achieve your life or business goals.

Clarify your goals

One of the greatest challenges to make the kind of life or business changes you want is to be clear about what your goals are.  All too often, people want some kind of change, but don’t know specifically what they want.  It’s sort of like going to a travel agent and wanting to buy a ticket, but not having a destination in mind.

I can help you clarify your goals.

Develop a plan of action

The change process involves developing a plan of specific actions you can take toward reaching your goals. One of the most important parts of this step is creating a plan that is feasible so that you will be confident you can achieve your goals. 

I can help you develop a plan of action that is just right for you.

Start taking action

At some  point in the change process you must let go of the security of the status quo in order to have any chance of success. 

Dreaming of change without taking the needed actions to bring about change is just that – dreaming.

I can help you take the steps toward achieving your goals.  The key is to get the energy moving in the direction of change and keep it moving.

Provide accountability and support

The beginning of the change process can be exciting and scary at the same time.  You have left the security of the status quo, but haven’t reached your goals yet.  Too many times people take a few initial steps toward change and then stop.

I can help you manage the process by providing an accountability and support structure to help you reach your goals.

It Doesn’t 

... that you don’t know where to start
… how hopeless you feel
… how many times you’ve failed in the past
… that you don’t believe you deserve anything better in your life
… that you think you messed your life up too much
… if other people doubt you
…that you don’t believe it’s possible for you to succeed
…that you don’t know what to do

None of these beliefs matter. The only thing that does matter is wanting believe there is something better for you and taking the first step toward achieving it.

I know from my own experience in transforming my life how to manage negative beliefs that can keep you stuck.  Let me help you achieve your dreams.


I embrace a client-centered approach in my work. As such, I have found that a one-size fits all approach does not work so I offer three standard service packages and can create a custom service package to meet your needs.
The decision on how we will work together, what your goals are, the plan of action you will use, how I will help you as you work toward achieving your goals, are something we will develop together if you choose to work with me.

Choose Your Coaching Plan



per session

  • 1 one-hour coaching session
  • Session can be in person, over the phone, or via Skype
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per 3-months

  • 12 one-hour coaching sessions
  • Sessions can be in person, over the phone, or via Skype
  • Clarify goal(s)
  • Develop an action plan for achieving goal(s)
  • Modify action plan as needed
  • Weekly email check-ins
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per time period

  • Weekly one-hour coaching sesssions
  • Sessions can be in person, over the phone, or via Skype
  • Clarify goal(s)
  • Develop an action plan for achieving goal(s)
  • Modify action plan as needed
  • Weekly email check-ins
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But I don’t live near you.  Can we still work together?

Yes.  I work with clients  in person, over the phone, and via Skype so it isn’t necessary for you to live near me for us to work together.

Note: Coaching is not therapy or medical treatment.  If you need therapy or medical treatment, please see a healthcare professional.