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Life, Well Lived

Dry or Wet January: Is Giving Up Alcohol Worth It?

A common New Year’s resolution is to cut back on drinking. Perhaps out of a desire to be healthier in general or due to drinking to excess over the holiday season and suffering the effects of head-pounding hangovers, people can be motivated to address their relationship with alcohol. Started in 2012 as a public health…
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Life begins at end of comfort zone

The Trap of the Status Quo

Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life such as going back to school, starting on a new career path, or making a positive lifestyle change such as quitting smoking, but found yourself virtually paralyzed once it became time to take a concrete step in that direction? Or maybe you did take…
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Man carrying boxes

Just Stop Walking

Have you ever had an outcome that you desperately wanted such as getting a certain job or keeping a romantic relationship alive even though your partner wants to end it? Have you engaged in a certain course of action you think will attain this outcome and stick with it even though it isn’t working? When…
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Grateful woman

Consider the Idea of Something Better

In my work with clients, a common characteristic is a closed-minded belief that it isn’t possible for a situation to get better. Negative thinking is quite effective in collecting more negative thoughts like a snowball gets bigger as it rolls downhill. Before too long, the negative beliefs such as not being good enough or not…
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Compass and life direction

What if the Fear Disappeared?

Tired of Fear Running Your Life? One of the most common issues many of the clients I work with have is how fear-based beliefs stop them from living the kind of lives they really want. Whenever I explore with them what their dreams are, such as changing careers, going back to school, or making changes…
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The First Step is Always the Hardest

Why is change so hard sometimes? You would think that if we were not satisfied with an aspect of our lives, we would do something about it. Yet, oftentimes we don’t. Does this mean we really don’t want to achieve our goals? There is something so comforting about the status quo that we will stay…
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What Happens When You Let Go?

Why is it as we get older that we seem to have a harder time reaching for our goals? When you think about going back to school to earn a degree, do thoughts pop in your head about being too old or not being able to afford it? How about if you are trying to…
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Wanting to Believe is the Key

It seems that just about everyone has an opinion on how to manifest your dreams. One popular approach involves utilizing the law of attraction. The idea essentially is if you want something bad enough, you will attract it to you. While this is an oversimplification of course, proponents of this approach hold that you truly…
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How Do I Get Started?

One of the biggest challenges in accomplishing any goal, especially a big goal like going back to school or starting a new business, is knowing where to start. Just the idea of committing to a long term course of action, with no guarantee of success, can seem to be such a daunting undertaking that it…
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Too Old to Go Back to School?

When we think about the typical college student, we picture someone fresh out of high school in their late teens and early 20s. So prevalent is this image, that we are inclined to not see the vast number of college students who do not fit this demographic mold. Does this mean that it is too…
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