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Problems Solved, Goals Achieved

A Life Well Lived

What is the secret to living a fulfilled life? What is happiness? “I’m not happy with my life,” is a common statement I hear from clients. They might be sober for many years, have a good job, and be in better health, yet they still feel like something is missing. Countless authors discuss how happiness…
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Challenge of Being Patient

I would be a terrible farmer. While I would be quite good at doing my part such as tilling the soil and planting the seeds, I wouldn’t do as well when there was nothing else for me to do except be patient and let the seeds germinate and eventually poke their heads through the dirt.…
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Do the Next Right Thing

Have you ever started working toward achieving a goal and then stopped, not being sure what to do next? I think this is a common experience. Sometimes the excitement of taking the initial steps leads us to believe the entire process of achieving a goal is going to be just as easy. Unfortunately, things don’t…
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You’ve Succeeded, Now What?

It’s easy to focus on all the challenges involved when trying to reach our goals. Somehow, trying to reach a goal while coming up short, can feel satisfying. Why is this you might ask? Why would anyone feel satisfied when the failed to reach a goal? Actually, it’s not all that surprising. The status quo,…
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Four Steps to Change Your Life

How often have you thought to yourself about wanting to change your life, but then didn’t take any action? There’s an old saying “If nothing changes, nothing changes” that makes it clear that just thinking about change, and maybe even really desiring change, is not enough. Without taking action toward the desired change, nothing changes…
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Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

When focusing on areas of our lives we want to change, it is easy to act as if we’ve never done anything right. The problem with this tendency is that it sets us up to fail because our focus is on what we are not happy with rather than focus on what we desire. It’s…
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Going Beyond the Wall

I specialize in working with people in recovery from substance abuse, mental health problems, and trauma. To work with such courageous people is an honor. Given I have my own background of substance abuse and trauma that I continue to be in recovery from, I can certainly relate to their struggles. One of the biggest…
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Rocket on launchpad

It’s Not Rocket Science

If you’ve ever heard of the acronym KISS, you understand that all too often we make things more complicated than they need to be. Hence, one of the S’s is about keeping it simple. This principle is very important anytime you are considering making an important change in your life such as starting a new…
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Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Now that 2019 has begun, it is quite likely that for many people, the New Year’s resolutions they made were never acted on or they may have given up after a short period of time. Why? I don’t think it’s because people don’t want to change anything about their lives. So why is it that…
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Time for action

The Power of Inspired Action

A frequent question about manifesting a desired change in your life or business, especially if the change seems complicated, is where to start. You might think the answer would be readily apparent, but it is quite amazing how easy it is to get bogged down into trying to figure out the required process to achieve…
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