Consider the Idea of Something Better

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Consider the Idea of Something Better

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In my work with clients, a common characteristic is a closed-minded belief that it isn’t possible for a situation to get better. Negative thinking is quite effective in collecting more negative thoughts like a snowball gets bigger as it rolls downhill. Before too long, the negative beliefs such as not being good enough or not being able to see any positive perspectives shuts down our ability to imagine a better future.

I have worked with many clients over the years that want to change careers, go back to school, improve their relationships, or just feel better about themselves. Yet, when ideas on how to achieve these goals are presented to them, negative thinking can step in to shut down the process.

I’m too old. It’s too expensive. I’ve failed so often. Nothing I do ever works.

These are examples of the responses I can get. Notice that everything about these responses are vague beliefs that a certain course of action can’t work for them. If you have found yourself wanting to achieve a goal, but shut down the process before you begin, here are three tips you can use to help you be more open-minded and start to get the energy moving in a positive direction.

Three Tips to Be more Open to the Idea of Something Better

  1. Be aware of how automatic negative, self-defeating thoughts and beliefs are. See how they flood your mind and make it hard for you to think clearly. This is particularly true when strong emotions are attached to them, usually based on prior learning. You will be amazed at the habitual nature of these thoughts and realize how they have been holding you back.
  2. Give yourself permission to at least consider the possibility. This is probably one of the most effective tools I help my clients use. If you can’t imagine the possibility of something, such as making a career change, you won’t be able to actually take effective action to achieve your goal. The key here is to stay open to the idea that it might be possible to achieve a long-desired goal.
  3. Take a small step toward your goal. You will find that once you can hold in your mind the possibility of achieving a goal, even if you don’t know how to do it, your thinking and energy will start to shift as new thoughts and ideas will flow on steps you can take toward your goal. All you have to do is action on any of these inspired ideas, even if it is a very small step, as this will help you begin to move forward toward achieving your goal.

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