What if the Fear Disappeared?

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What if the Fear Disappeared?

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Tired of Fear Running Your Life?

One of the most common issues many of the clients I work with have is how fear-based beliefs stop them from living the kind of lives they really want. Whenever I explore with them what their dreams are, such as changing careers, going back to school, or making changes in self-care, a common reaction involves a flood of thoughts that tell them why these dreams are not possible for them. I’m too old. I don’t have enough money. It’s too late. I’m not smart enough. On and on these fear-based beliefs suffocate any hope of a better life.

Does it have to be this way? My response is a resounding NO, but it can be quite challenging to even imagine achieving any of these goals much less actually work towards manifesting them. While the desire for a better life might be there, fear-based beliefs can shut the whole process down.

So where do you start? Here’s a powerful thought experiment many of my clients successfully use.

Thought Experiment: Try These Steps to a Better Life

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and realized the fear that was always holding you back was gone? You know what fear I am talking about. It’s that nagging message of negativity that comes up any time you dare to dream of something better in your life. It’s the discouraging thought that focuses on all the reasons why something you really desire won’t work out. It that sense of defeat that convinces you there is not point in trying for something better in your life.

As you realize the fear is indeed gone, and I mean GONE, you are perplexed because you don’t know who or what removed it or where it went. The realization staggers you. Part of you might even miss it because you had gotten used to it being such a powerful part of your life. Still, you not only don’t have any doubt that it is gone, but you also know it isn’t coming back. Now what do you do when this fear is no longer around to constrain your life?

How would your life change as a result of the fear just disappearing? What actions toward a goal would you take today? Remember, now that the fear has been removed, it is no longer around to shut down your inspired ideas for your life. Maybe you’d look into going back to school (now you can because the fear of not having enough money is no longer there). Maybe you’d talk to your boss about wanting more responsibility in your job (now you can because the fear-based self-doubt is gone). Or maybe you decide to end a relationship that hasn’t met your needs for a long time (now you can because you are no longer afraid of being alone).

Take some action toward your goals. If you can imagine how good it would feel to actually wake up tomorrow and realize the fear had disappeared you have the ability to act as if that were indeed true.

Too Good to Be True?

No, this isn’t too good to be true. No matter how challenging your circumstances, if you can imagine something you can create it in your life. Even if you can visualize being free from the fear that has holding you back for even a moment, that means you have the capacity to do it for even longer periods of time. If you keep practicing, you can make this new state of being your reality.

Give it a try tomorrow morning. All you have to lose is what’s been holding you back.


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