The Power of Inspired Action

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The Power of Inspired Action

Time for action

A frequent question about manifesting a desired change in your life or business, especially if the change seems complicated, is where to start. You might think the answer would be readily apparent, but it is quite amazing how easy it is to get bogged down into trying to figure out the required process to achieve the desired outcome before taking any action.

Unfortunately, while we can imagine achieving a new goal such as getting a college education or downsizing a cluttered life, it can be very difficult to know where to start given how daunting the process appears.

I know how challenging this can be because I can fall into the trap called “paralysis of analysis.” That is nothing more than wanting to figure out every detail before taking any action. It’s kind of like wanting to go on a cross country trip, but spend all of our time planning without ever actually getting in the car and starting to drive.

One tool that I use is praying for an inspired action I can take to get the energy moving and then take that action. It’s interesting that an inspired action might not seem like it’s much – kind of like taking baby steps – but it is the critical component of transformation as one inspired action leads to others, and by taking these actions we are now on the path of manifesting a goal we have.

Of course, the how and when of the process is something we have little to no control over. The concept of “Letting go and letting God” or “Trusting the Universe” if you will, are the hardest part of the process as far as I am concerned. I have manifested a profound transformation in my life (You can read more about me on my website) that involved taking inspired actions that began to build on themselves to the point where I am now. While I certainly did my part of the process by taking the needed actions, I certainly didn’t make this transformation happen all by myself, and while I still do not understand how God or the Universe works, clearly some power greater than me has played an integral role in my transformation.

There is nothing special about me. That means you can use the same tools I use. Want to achieve a new goal? Great! Be receptive to ideas, circumstances, resources, people, etc. who provide ideas or inspiration relative to your goal. Then take inspired action by doing the next right thing.

Here are some common goals and an inspired action you can take as examples:

  • Stop smoking; Search online for resources that can help you succeed
  • Get a college degree: Search various universities that offer the degree you’re interested in
  • Lose weight: Pay for a trial membership at a gym
  • Improve a relationship: Write down all the aspects of the current relationship you value
  • Start a business: Write down your goals

While you might scoff that these inspired actions are overly simplistic, I want to assure you that any inspired action can seem that way. However, just as you can never reach a destination if you don’t get in your car and drive, you cannot achieve any goal without taking inspired actions.

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