An Act of Faith

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An Act of Faith

Stone with Faith written on it

When the word “faith” comes up, people usually first think of it from a religious perspective such as having “faith in God”.  This purpose of this post, however, is to discuss the concept of faith in terms of taking risks to reach for what we desire in life such as going back to school, growing a business, or embracing a more positive lifestyle.  In each case, faith plays an integral role in helping us let go of the security the status quo brings while we make the journey to our new goals.

Without having faith in the possibility of change, it is doubtful that many people will take the risk in trying to create a new reality.  For example, someone who is addicted to drugs will find it possible to imagine a life without using.  Yet, many people are able to get sober because of inspiration and hope they receive from people in support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous.  Their willingness to work the program in the hope of getting sober is an act of faith.

A small business owner who decides to invest in a new website in order to grow her business is engaging in an act of faith that by upgrading the marketing capability of her business she can get new customers.  This attitude of faith may come from joining the local Chamber of Commerce and listening to other business owners who took the same risk and found it to be worth the investment.

Quite frankly, life would be impossible without some sort of faith, whether it be a Higher Power, the inspiration of others, or just the idea that the reward is worth the risk even if there is no guarantee of success, ultimately we have to have faith in ourselves to move forward in a positive direction.

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