The Future is Now

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The Future is Now

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Someday. Tomorrow.  Soon.

How often do we think about making a change in our life only to stop ourselves from actually going forward by taking action to bring about the change?

Why is it that an intense desire for something better in our lives is met with inaction?

There are lots of books available on the law of attraction and manifesting what you desire.  One of the key ingredients is the need to take action. Manifesting is not an effortless endeavor that happens while we are sitting on our living room coaches.  We have to do our parts in bringing about the change.  That means taking action, and taking it now.

I worked with many clients over the years that wanted to recover from an addiction such as stopping drinking or stopping smoking.  Yet, none of them were successful until they started to take some action toward their goal.  That might mean going to an AA meeting or buying a nicotine patch.

While most people intellectually understand the need to take action, I think many underestimate how challenging it can be emotionally to let go of the status quo by beginning to take even the smallest steps toward a goal.

Rather than focus on the ultimate outcome you desire, start by asking yourself what is the next right thing you can do to start to move toward your goal.  Then take that step.

I remember the day I got sober – July 7, 1982.  Just the idea of stopping drinking and turning my life around seemed overwhelming.  Until this time I had sincerely wanted to quit drinking, but it was always tomorrow.  It wasn’t until I committed to getting sober and started to work a program of recovery one day at a time that my life changed.

Want to change your life?  Start by taking the next logical step toward your goal today.



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